10 Worst Stair Jokes... EVER!

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10 Worst Stair Jokes... EVER!

As it's Christmas cracker season we thought we'd trawl the internet to find the worst step and stair related jokes ever.  Which one makes you groan the most?

I was mad on my way up the stairs.
- By the time I got to the third floor, my anger was on another level

I dropped my pie on the apartment stairs
- Now it’s somewhere between three and four

I joined a fitness group where the main objective is to always take the stairs.
- It's a 10,000-step program

Did you hear about the guy who fell down the stairs at the airport?
- Damn near missed the whole flight

Did you hear about the palaeontologist who slipped down the stairs?
- He broke his Ankylosaurus

Step-by-step guide on how to fall down the stairs
- Step 1:
  Step 2:
  Step 4:
  Step 7:
  Step 12:
  Step 18:
  Step 25:

What do you call a snobbish criminal going down the stairs?
- A condescending con descending

I don't trust stairs
- They're always up to something

What's the easiest way to build stairs?
- By using a step-by-step guide

What’s the easiest way to avoid slipping on the stairs?
By installing QuartzGrip Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers or Stair Edging.

Ok – that last one’s not a joke!! It’s actually really sound advice.  And taking the time to treat your outdoor steps this winter could prevent bumps, bruises and even broken bones.

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