Avoid Slips & Falls in Winter Weather

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Avoid Slips & Falls in Winter Weather

Summer has passed and Autumn is doing what Autumn does best – lots of rain and wind that, combined with wet fallen leaves, creates some pretty treacherous footing.  And, with Winter approaching with frost, ice and snow, things worse will only get worse.

Every year thousands of people find themselves in casualty departments across the UK following slips & falls – many of which could be avoided by adding some Anti-Slip treatments to outdoor floors. QuartzGrip can provide exactly what you need to resolve these issues.  Stocking decking strips, stair edging (nosing) and stair tread covers in a range of sizes and colours, you can protect your family, friends or visitors quickly and easily. All the items are made from GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic (fibreglass) – which makes them long lasting and low-maintenance with a rough surface that grips in even the worst conditions.  They’re easy to install – you just need a drill suitable for the surface you’re applying them to and a good saw if they need to be cut down.  Everything else can be found on our website.

Produced to an industrial standard, QuartzGrip has supplied businesses, hospitals and local government sites with Anti-Slip Solutions for years but now home and small business owners also have easy access to our products through our new website. So, whoever you’re worried about this winter, help keep them safely on their feet with QuartzGrip’s range of Anti-Slip Solutions for outdoor floors.

You can order online at www.quartzgrip.co.uk.  For help, advice or samples call 0800 6123 515.