How do you install Decking Strips?

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How do you install Decking Strips?

QuartzGrip Decking Strips are the ideal solution if your wooden deck is prone to becoming slippery in wet or icy weather.
Algae thrives on damp wood, especially in shady spots, which can result in a slimy surface that becomes positively perilous to walk on. For older or infirm people it can turn what should be a pleasant outdoor walk into something that just can’t be attempted on anything but sunny days.
Adding GRP Anti-Slip Decking Strips is a quick, easy and economical solution which immediately reduces the risk of falls. Each Strip is pre-drilled at 25cm intervals and is supplied complete with the wood screws you’ll need to fix it to a standard wooden deck.

If you're fixing the Strips to brick or concrete you'll find the fixings you need here

How to install Decking STrips

Step 1
Decide where to put your Strips. They look best if positioned in the centre of a decking board but, for maximum effectiveness, they should go across walkways - this might mean fixing them at right angles to the direction of your boards. They can also be used on steps.

Step 2
Measure the length of the boards and decide how many you’ll be adding. For wider boards you may choose to add a strip to each one, for narrower boards only every other one. QuartzGrip Decking Strips are easy to cut but we stock a wide range of lengths to make them really quick to install.

Step 3
Choose the colour you prefer. This might the closest match to your deck so they blend in, or it might be a contrasting colour to highlight the slip hazard.
If you’re installing these in a public place we recommend using a contrasting colour - ideally yellow - especially on steps. We are happy to send you FREE colour samples to help you decide.

Step 4
Once your Strips arrive, lay them out on the deck to check you are happy with the way they’ll look and that you’ve ordered enough. Any that are too long can be cut using a good fine-tooth saw.  If you’re not installing them immediately, make sure you store them flat.

Step 5
Mark the screw holes with a pencil and pre-drill the decking boards with a 3mm drill bit. This will make screwing them down much easier.
Check that the deck is dry and dust-free.

Step 6
Apply a line of wood glue to the smooth side of the Decking Strip and place it in position. Using the screws provided, screw the strip down. The glue & screw method prevents water collecting under the strip and eliminates the risk of the Strip lifting.

If you need further advice our team are on hand to answer your questions Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm on 0800 6123 515.

Decking Strip Installation Guide

You can download a copy of our installation guide here, or get in touch and we'll send you a copy in the post.