Anti-Slip Stair Edging

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It’s so easy to lose your footing on stairs simply because you stepped too close to the edge - especially on steps that have worn smooth or chipped over the years. Anti-Slip Stair Edges (or Nosing) reduce the chance of that happening, even in wet or icy conditions.

Suitable for use on any external steps or stairs, they are stocked in a range of colours and sizes. To install them, simply glue into position and then screw down using fixings appropriate to the surface you’re working on.

Stair edging can be used on each step or just at the top and bottom - where most accidents occur - to highlight the stairs. Reduce the risk further by ensuring the stairs are well lit and have a secure hand rail.

Perfect for use at home, our industrial quality Stair Nosing will also help business owners protect their customers.

Add panels of Anti-Slip Floor Covering to cover the whole step.

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